Admission fee NZD and what do you get?

The entrance valid from 1 Januari 2021
Members 2022

1 adult
1 junior to 18 years
Free access
Promotor NZD (minimum sum per year)
Payments per calendar year. On request a derogation is possible.
Fee payable for the remainder of the calendar year. If you become a member at 1 July, you pay 50% of the fee.

It is possible for claimants in some municipalities, including the municipality of Delft, the social service recovers a large portion of the contribution of an association. Inform above in your social service.

If you become a member of the NZD you can free swim every Sunday from 1 PM - 2 PM.

You will receive the NFN / INF card, this gives you access to almost all naturist areas.
You will get free 5 times per year the 'Nieuws Zonder Dralen' newsletter with all sorts of information about the NZD and not free 2 times per year the magazine 'UIT!' and 2 times per year the magazine 'BlootGewoon!'.
Swimming hour

Free access
Not members
NFN members
Promoter NZD
NAVAH members
Students presenting their member card
Youth to 18 years
Free access